I’m Amy MacLeod, a zoologist with a special interest in applying genetic techniques to improve conservation management.  I also like to write and I run the editingzoo as a side project.Amy_MacLeod_Feb2015

I take any available opportunity to break away from the computer and get into the field.  Since I occasionally get to work in some amazing places, I tend to take a lot of pictures.  On this website you’ll find some of these images, along with a few rambling thoughts and stories on the subjects.  My recent work focuses on marine iguanas from the Galapagos islands  and we are now using drones for this purpose.

In addition, there are other, non-work related images that I threw on here too, because otherwise they’d just languish in the depths of a hard-drive.  Feel free to browse; comments, hints and advice are most welcome.

If you have any questions about my work (photographic or otherwise) or would be interested in using my images then please get in touch.

As we worked at Cerro Brujo, we heard the weak mewling of the thin pup. As the hours passed we supposed that it was lost or abandoned (fairly common), the arrival of the mother was quite a relief.

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